Roosevelt and Lawrence Area Lake Association
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Water Patrol



Promote Water Safety
Educate boaters on the current laws and rules
Assist the Cass County Sheriff's Department at the local level

Lakes Patrolled:


Volunteer Information, Responsibilities and Guidelines: 

  • Knowledge of the laws and rules on Minnesota waters (the source of this information is from Minnesota Boating Guide-A Summary of Laws and Rules)
  • Volunteers will ride in teams (2 people per boat)
  • The water patrol season will begin in May (opening fishing) and end the first weekend in September. 
  • Water patrol days will be on weekends and one other day during the week, including Labor Day, July 4 and Memorial Day. 
  • Water patrol teams will sign up for 6 days per season and patrol a minimum of two hours per date (longer if you would like) 
  • Each volunteer will wear a life jacket when patrolling. The life jacket is provided by the Sheriff's Department.
  • A water patrol boat, trailer and gas will be provided for the team by the Sheriff's Department. 
  • Each team will conduct safety checks for boaters, e.g., life jackets, throwables, fire extinguishers, and boat capacity and will hand out information on regulations and safety. 
  • Teams can consist of husband and wife, neighbors, or friends. 
  • Each team member must attend a training and orientation meeting or ride with a trained member. 
  • Each team volunteer must submit an application for approval by the Cass County Sheriff's Department (An application can be downloaded below) 
  • Each water patrol team will fill out a daily activity report. 
  • Each team member will be responsible for finding their own replacement from a list provided. If conflicts come up, all changes in schedule should be reported to Wendy or Greg Koch at (218) 763-3958.  
This is a valuable service to our lake communities. We are goodwill ambassadors for the Sheriff's Department. We should enjoy this and make it fun for all of our lake neighbors and visitors.

For more information please call Wendy or Greg Koch at (612) 803-3954 or e-mail them at

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