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Eurasian Water Milfoil

RALALA is doing everything we can do in order to contain the Eurasian Water Milfoil infestation in Roosevelt Lake.  We have surveyed the lake and will do so again in 2017 to identify all areas where milfoil is present.  We have applied for and obtained a permit to treat all areas that are treatable under DNR guidelines and applied triclopyr herbicide to those areas in September 2016.  Tryclopyr is the state of the art selective herbicide for this purpose.  This process is EXPENSIVE.  We spent $25,700 in 2016 and have already committed to spending $1600 for a new 2017 survey and $1859.29 for every acre of milfoil that the survey turns up.  It is essential that we get more of our friends and neighbors to participate in funding this effort.  There are 410 lakeshore owners on Roosevelt, 287 in Cass County and 123 in Crow Wing County.  Only 142 of them are members of RALALA and 6 others made contributions to the Milfoil Treatment Fund that we set up at the bank.  In Cass Co. we have only 88 members out of 287 owners (31%).  In Crow Wing Co. we have only 54 members out of 123 owners (44%).  Thus, the majority of your neighbors are getting a free ride.  Many others are not paying their fair share, which would have been $62.68 in 2016 ($25,700/410).  We need to change these numbers.  If you want to help us recruit new participants, please e-mail us at  If you are not a member, please join or at least make a contribution to the Milfoil Treatment Fund.  You can do it online under the Store/Donations tab or by mail.  See the Join tab for address and other details.

See President's letter in attached newsletter for latest information on milfoil situation in Roosevelt Lake.

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See attached pdf file for a notice of treatment of Eurasian Water Milfoil in Roosevelt Lake in September 2016:

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See attached pdf file for a notice of treatment of Eurasian Water Milfoil in Roosevelt Lake in 2017:

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See article in attached newsletter for information on how to identify Eurasian Water Milfoil vs. native species; and see President's letter for a description of RALALA's actions in response to EWM discovery in Roosevelt Lake.

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