Roosevelt and Lawrence Area Lake Association
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Environmental Quality Initiative

RALALA has formed a structure called the Environmental Quality Initiative (EQI) to better serve the future environmental protection needs of the waters and lands around the RALALA lakes -- Roosevelt, Lawrence, Leavitt and Smokey Hollow Lakes.

These lakes are why we live here, and they can't speak for themselves, so someone must speak for them. We are for responsible growth and development; we are against development which destroys the environment. This new EQI is designed to help Emily/Outing area property owners move into the future by being prepared and organized in advance of the need.
The Mission Statement of the EQI is:  To promote and carry out activities that foster and provide good stewardship and environmentally sustainable, sound growth in and around RALALA lakes.
Among the EQI objectives are: to solicit and receive funds, to collect and conserve such funds, to use such funds in advancing the environment through developing new ideas and acting on them -- up to and including purchase of environmentally fragile lands. Possible projects include on-going water quality analysis, monitoring trout/walleye spawning areas, identifying septic-to-lake leakages, and promoting improved lakeshore management practices. Details are available by asking any RALALA Board member or by writing to RALALA, PO Box 139, Outing, MN 56662.

A recent speaker at a RALALA Board meeting stated that fighting for environmental protection once a developer is involved costs 3-5 times the cost to plan ahead and place fragile properties into a protected status. We at RALALA are making an investment in the future to benefit our children and grandchildren in their enjoyment of these wonderful lakes.
Your support for the new EQI now will help make it possible. Thank you for that support.
Note: RALALA is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt organization and all contributions are fully tax deductible.

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